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Tragedy struck our local communities with the death of Sergeant Ruben H. Thomas III, on March 18, 2012, while on duty as a Corrections Officer. Sgt. Thomas was killed in a sudden and ruthless attack by an inmate he was helping transport. The State prison system employs a very large number of citizens in both Suwannee and Columbia counties, therefore the impact of Sgt. Thomas’ death was felt especially hard. Over 2,400 people, including Governor Scott and other officials and dignitaries attended his funeral.

Ruben was a young man, leaving behind a two year old daughter, Emma, and a son Ruben Elias, who is due to be born in July of this year. Nation of Stangs held a car wash on April 8, 2012, to raise money toward a trust fund established by The Corrections Foundation for his young children.  A total of $970 dollars was collected AT the car wash, and other donations brought the total to an even $1000.00

Front Row: Shayne Blom, Director; Neal Burkett, President; Warden Don Davis, Columbia Correctional Institute; John Harrell, Vice President; Daniel Cloud, Treasurer.

Back Row: Jennifer Cloud, Susan Rodriguez, Candice Martin and Jose Rodriguez, Sergeant at Arms.